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About Us

I grew up in the French wine region of Bordeaux, in a family of wine and food lovers. My parents have their own winery and vineyards and they always taught me with passion and hard work you can do some great things. I kept this in mind, I worked and I did what I’m passionate about: travelling and working in the wine industry. Now I’m a French winemaker living in South Australia.

I have always been amazed about what a wine region can offer, between the variety of wines but also the diversity of other artisanal products.

Each wine region has its own personality, because of its climate, its soil, its tradition, its rich and colourful source of talented growers and makers. Each artisan’s story and the passion that surrounded the making process are unique. This is what makes each region so special !

I wanted to celebrate the talent of local artisans and to share it, so I created Little Harvest Box.

Little Harvest Box brings this talent together, showcases their work and shares their story, making your experience unique and memorable !

Hope you will enjoy the experience and thank you for supporting small local businesses,


There is a box for everyone